Our Budgeting & Cashflow service aims to help wealth accumulators get a great start to their financial future.

This service offers many benefits to those seeking to reduce their debt like a mortgage, as quickly as possible and at the same time, to start planning for a secure financial future.

Our Service Benefits

The first step towards any wealth creation strategy is to understand four (4) key principals:

1. Budget & Cashflow Management

  • Creating a budget to understand your net cashflow position (how much money is coming in versus how much money is going out)
  • Monitoring the budget each month to identify any surplus income
  • Allocating any identified surplus income to start a faster wealth accumulation or debt reduction strategy, like paying off your mortgage sooner to save on interest costs

2. Debt Reduction

  • Commence a debt recycling strategy
  • The goal is to allocate the identified surplus cashflow to help reduce debt like your mortgage as soon as possible
  • Save on mortgage interest costs
  • As equity is built up, commence a wealth creation strategy

3. Investment Planning

  • Combine debt reduction with a wealth creation strategy to effectively utilise surplus cashflow to reduce debt and build wealth at the same time
  • As debt reduction progresses, assuming budget is maintained, surplus income is recycled to create an investment portfolio

4. Monitoring Progress

  • A ‘track to plan’ coaching and reporting service outlines what impact each month’s spending has had on the original plan – whether good or bad.
  • The reporting outlines the following vital information:
  • The projected debt reduction term is likely to be positive (+) or negative (-)
  • The projected interest saving is likely to be positive (+) or negative (-)
  • The projected capital lump sum is likely to be positive (+) or negative (-)

As a result, you are fully informed of your financial position, which keeps you focused and disciplined in achieving a brighter secure financial future.